In 2009, the College Success Foundation (CSF) asked the team to develop and perform program analytics and evaluation for its various programs to better understand the return on its initiatives and mobilize funds from existing and potential partners. The team:

  • Clarified program priority area goals and determined a preliminary list of key outcome, output, and other performance measures of impact for specific programs in cooperation with CSF staff.
  • Evaluated how much of this outcome, output, and performance data CSF had in-house and identified missing data.
  • Integrated performance data with expense and cost data to analyze programmatic return, gaps in analysis and areas for improvement, and benchmarks to other comparable programs.

The team also evaluated data quality, resources, and business processes by program; synthesized CSF’s strategy for identifying key performance indicators for reporting; and built a data model illustrating the results of funding disbursements by program cohort and segment.


Art Credit: Pierre Auguste Renoir, “The Reader (Young Woman Reading a Book”) c. 1876.