At 3SI, Graham Bearden splits his time between technology and analytics projects. He works proficiently with a variety of technologies, including R, SQL, and Tableau, and dabbles in others. Graham provides expertise across the full spectrum of data analytics processes. He offers elegant solutions to complex data puzzles and has significant experience building customized, interactive data exploration tools.

Previously, Graham developed and curated organization-, school-, and student-level metrics at Equal Opportunity Schools. He also designed systems that saved the company thousands of hours in manual task execution related to survey preparation and report creation and delivery. While at EOS, he played an influential role developing strategy and consensus around data management and goal evaluation for the Lead Higher Initiative, a consortium established to realize the promise of the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative. Graham is formerly an International Baccalaureate teacher.

Graham holds an MPA from the Evans School of Governance and Public Policy at the University of Washington and an MA from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace. Currently, he serves on the Board of the Young Professionals International Network.