CUSP Research Starter Kit in Power BI (Alpha)

The CUSP Research Starter Kit is a powerful, easy-to-use analytics and visualization tool that allows users to answer foundational questions and address important use cases related to the demand for and supply of early childhood services and funding programs in a state. 3Si’s initial implementation of the RSK was in Tableau. In Q2 2023, we introduced an alpha prototype of the RSK in Microsoft Power BI. Our expansion of supported visualization tools to include Power BI was driven both by market and customer demand and by recent enhancements in Power BI capabilities that allow it to support the full functionality of the RSK, including advanced mapping.

  • The Power BI-based CUSP Research Starter Kit provides the full functionality offered by the Tableau-based version, including a range of visualizations related to child population, program eligibility, service reach, providers, and gaps in child care access and utilization.
  • The alpha version of the Power BI-based RSK released in Q2 2023. The full release of this product is planned for Q3 2023.


  • With this alpha release, 3Si completed a proof-of-concept of its implementation of the Research Starter Kit in Power BI. The CUSP Research Starter Kit is now effectively agnostic between Tableau and Power BI, and can be implemented using either visualization tool.
  • Optimal for customers who wish to fully leverage their Microsoft cloud infrastructure, including Microsoft tools, services, and technologies, for their front-end analytical solutions, such as the RSK.
  • Offers all the advantages of Power BI to CUSP Research Starter Kit users, such as a familiar and intuitive user interface, native integration with Excel, and flexible and easy-to-use capabilities for self-service analytics and visualizations.