Eligibility table for program requirements over time

CUSP’s newly implemented eligibility table allows centralized, consolidated storing and management of the eligibility requirements of all the major funding programs incorporated in the data model. This allows users to easily view and verify eligibility requirements (e.g., age requirements, income thresholds, or work requirement) for different subsidized programs, and to seamlessly and centrally modify requirements when they change. This capability will allow all CUSP users to maintain a historical record of the eligibility requirements for major subsidized programs, examine longitudinal changes and patterns in eligibility criteria, and assess the impact of changes in eligibility requirements on program reach and utilization.

  • CUSP’s eligibility table consolidates eligibility requirements for all major early childhood funding programs included in the model.
  • In every data release, the eligibility table updates with the current period’s program eligibility requirements. The table includes program name, eligible child age group, household income bracket, and household employment status for every funding program in the model at each data release date.
  • Eligibility table updates are incorporated in the CUSP Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process.


  • Centralized storage, maintenance, and updates of all major child care funding program eligibility requirements.
  • Seamless, flexible, and timely incorporation of changes in program eligibility requirements into the CUSP model and data outputs.
  • Enables longitudinal tracking of program requirements and how they correlate with program reach and utilization over time.