King County Parks Eastside Rail Corridor Trail Funding Commission


Jamie Strausz-Clark convened, planned, and facilitated a commission comprised of business and community leaders charged with identifying strategies for engaging the private sector in helping to fund and implement this major regional trail.

Jamie began by meeting with each Commissioner to understand their interests, current level of knowledge about the trail and funding strategies, and ideas for how to make this Commission a success. In collaboration with the co-chairs of the funding commission, Jamie planned and facilitated Commission meetings. Jamie led development of a final report on the Commission’s recommendations and supported multiple briefings by the co-chairs to leadership at the local agencies overseeing development of the Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC) trail.

The Commission’s recommendation to form an independent entity to fundraise, advocate for the ERC, and facilitate public-private partnerships was adopted enthusiastically by the local agency partners. Jamie was subsequently hired to facilitate the Commission in developing a business plan for the independent entity. The new entity—the Eastrail Partnership—enjoys strong support from the local agencies and business and civic leaders, and most of the Commissioners are planning to serve on the Eastrail Partnership Leadership Committee.

*Jamie Strausz-Clark performed this work while at PRR.