National Institute for Early Education Research


3Si developed and maintains all technical aspects of the Cost of Provider Quality & Revenue (CPQ&R), an Excel-based tool that can be used at the state or district level to estimate the cost of expanding high quality early learning programs.

The CPQ&R includes settings for “best practice” based on the National Institute for Early Education Research State of Preschool quality benchmarks. It allows users to change settings to understand the cost implications of alternate program options or models of delivery (e.g. center- or school-based, preschool or infant-toddler care).  The CPQ&R offers the functionality to alter input assumptions based on specific state and/or local data, and is linked to publicly available volume and pricing information.

As a partner with the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes, 3Si has worked directly with many jurisdictions to assess data, estimate costs, and provide technical assistance for early learning analytics and data systems, including Indiana, the District of Columbia, Kentucky, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Washington, and indirectly through local stakeholder participants or consultants for California (Learning Policy Institute), Delaware, Indiana, Massachusetts, and the City of Chicago.