Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Since 2012, 3Si has been a partner to the former Department of Early Learning (DEL) and now the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF)–a recently formed agency that brings together Washington State’s early learning, child welfare, and juvenile justice systems. Currently, 3Si provides technical assistance to stand up DCYF’s new Office of Innovation, Alignment, and Accountability (OIAA). OIAA is charged with directing and implementing innovation, collaboration, systemic reform, and building external partnerships for DCYF. Key areas of OIAA are policy, research and analysis, and data and reporting.

3Si performed an internal technical appraisal and analysis of gaps and external resources to optimize OIAA, and has been instrumental in building technical and data solutions to support OIAA in better identifying and reaching underserved populations.

In addition, 3Si created a landscape assessment to guide development of a DCYF integrated data warehouse. 3Si provides strategic and technical advisory assistance related to its content, use, strategy, and implementation.

Previously, 3Si supported DEL in multiple capacities, including managing data, analytics, and financial analysis for Washington State’s Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant. 3Si provided similar support for implementation of the Early Start Act, which provided a sustainable state funding stream to expand, mandate, and maintain Washington State’s early childhood quality rating and improvement system. 3Si also delivered projects related to workforce education and training data, managing and identifying unique identifiers across DEL systems, and many other aspects of DEL’s work.