Washington Integrated Sector Employment Program


3Si designed and implemented a program evaluation of the Washington Integrated Sector Employment (WISE) Program.

A U.S. Department of Labor grant of $10 million funded WISE, a program led by Centralia College to prepare participants for employment in entry level, pre-apprenticeship, and apprenticeship occupations in the clean energy, advanced manufacturing, and construction sectors. The WISE program was designed to address the unique needs of unemployed or under-employed dislocated workers. The WISE consortium consists of eight community colleges, five workforce investment boards, the state’s Trade Adjustment Assistance coordinating agency, the Washington State Labor Council, and 15 major employers.

3Si developed an assessment to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the WISE program model using a continuous quality improvement process. 3Si built a framework for ongoing, formative program evaluation and program improvement. Additionally, 3Si designed an impact evaluation that applied statistical techniques to participant outcome measures such as post-degree or certificate employment, wage rates, and retention in employment.

3Si placed output and outcome measures within the context of stakeholder perceptions by fielding regular surveys of participants, faculty, and employers.