Washington State Department of Transportation Environmental Justice


Jamie Strausz-Clark conducted environmental justice analyses of eight tolled and managed lane bridge and highway projects in Washington State.

Jamie used data—including original public opinion data collected from motorists and transit riders—and analytic tools to compare the impacts of tolls on low-income households to its effects on households with moderate or high incomes. She evaluated the impacts of all-electronic toll collection systems on motorists with limited-English proficiency and motorists without access to traditional banking services. Using transportation forecast data provided to her by WSDOT and other consultants, Jamie evaluated the potential impacts to communities from diversion.

Jamie evaluated and proposed mitigation strategies to avoid or minimize the impacts of tolls on low-income, minority, and limited-English proficient populations and coordinated with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and WSDOT to ensure the proposed mitigation strategies would meet FHWA’s requirements. Jamie also drew on expertise developed through benchmarking strategies for addressing the equity impacts of all-electronic toll collection systems at other state and local transportation agencies.

*Jamie Strausz-Clark performed this work as while at PRR.