3Si’s Child Universal Success Platform (CUSP) is an industry-leading Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS) that integrates population data and administrative data from disparate sources at state and local agencies.

The result: comprehensive, integrated, dynamic, and timely data that captures the child and family experience in their early childhood journey.

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Use data to make a difference

CUSP offers a holistic view of a child’s access to, experience with, and outcomes from early childhood services.

CUSP includes, integrates, and models all children in a state, not just served children. Including family demographics such as household income and employment status.

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CUSP matches and integrates children and providers. CUSP allows for flexible configuration of age and income requirements to align with state-specific eligibility criteria for early childhood programs and services.

Advantage: Improved understanding of how children are being served or not served across a state and how program and services impact child outcomes.

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Designed to seamlessly and rapidly ingest and integrate data at all levels of aggregation and granularity from disparate data systems, CUSP combines the best available data and can flexibly integrate additional sources over time.

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CUSP offers the advantages of flexibility, scalability, advanced analytics tools, easy collaboration, and cost-efficiency. Designed for implementation within states’ existing cloud environments, preserving state control over sensitive data. As the only true Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS) software provider, we can deploy our complete solution quickly and efficiently.

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CUSP establishes a unique record of every program/service at the site level in a state.

Advantage: Improved understanding of provider teachers, quality, staffing, subsidy payments, and assessment data.

CUSP creates a comprehensive profile for every child in the state, blending real-life information with enriched data insights.

Advantage: This approach deepens our insight into the unique circumstances of each child, including where they live, their background, and their family’s economic eligibility.

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Best Practices for Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS)

  • Understand and answer foundational questions first.
  • Use a tested, scalable, and widely used solution.
  • Implement in a state-managed cloud with data science services.
  • Use a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.
  • Ensure bundled services support (with early childhood subject matter expertise).
  • Deploy quickly and iterate with a Continuous Innovation/Development approach.
  • Prioritize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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Consulting and Technical Assistance Services

In addition to our Child Universal Success Platform (CUSP) software, we provide the following Technical Assistance to state agencies:

  • Technology Assessments and Technical Readiness
  • Data Inventories
  • Use Case and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Data Governance Planning
  • Capacity Assessment and Planning
  • Strategic Consulting

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