Child Universal Success Platform (CUSP) Implementation Assistance

Leverage the power of CUSP to help you envision, design, and deliver programs and policies that have a meaningful impact on the communities you serve.

We partner with you to manage, analyze, and visualize CUSP outputs and generate insights for data-driven decision-making. Included with your CUSP subscription is access to our team of data scientists, subject-matter experts, and data engineers.

Other Consulting Services

3Si provides consulting services and technical assistance to help you assess your data capabilities and needs.

If you are in the early stages of evaluating your data capabilities and needs, 3Si can help. We provide the following consulting services:

  • Technical assistance to help IT departments implement the technology infrastructure necessary to support an ECIDS.
  • Help governments determine their ECIDS use cases.
  • Identify early childhood programs to include in an ECIDS.
  • Define and synthesize state-specific program requirements and business rules.
  • Inventory data systems to support an ECIDS and identify data gaps and implications for use cases and analytical methodology.
  • Provide subject-matter expertise and analytics to educate partners in early childhood data.

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