What is an ECIDS? An ECIDS is an integrated data system that provides 3Si partners with a unified source of information on early childhood populations, services, outcomes, and other areas of interest.
Does an ECIDS replace existing data systems? No, an ECIDS integrates data from existing data systems.
What are typical subjects of analysis for an ECIDS? Ideally, an effective ECIDS—like CUSP—enables users to analyze all of the following topics and more: Entire child population from birth to five in a given geography. Eligibility of all children for specific services, such as child care, prekindergarten, Head Start, and a wide array of health and social programs.Children served.Gaps in service, by population, geography, and other factors.Key service elements, such as information on teachers and program quality.Outcomes as measured by various instruments, such as CLASS, ERS, Teaching Strategies Gold, other kindergarten readiness assessments, and other instruments.Unfortunately, many ECIDS are not able to produce the analyses outlined above due to many factors, such as outdated technology or incomplete or inflexible data models. CUSP—which leverages advanced technology, best practices, and continuous innovation—avoids the problems that commonly affect ECIDS and enables states and local governments to produce and use integrated data quickly and cost-effectively.
What is CUSP and how does it relate to an ECIDS? CUSP—the Child Universal Success Platform—is an ECIDS. It leverages the best available technology and data science to deliver higher quality ECIDS analyses faster and for less money than alternative solutions.
How long does it take to implement CUSP? Initial implementation is less than one year. Following initial implementation, CUSP users continue to invest on an annual or biennial cycle to enhance and sustain the system.
How much does it cost to implement CUSP? The annual cost for CUSP starts at $715,000 and increases based on the size of the population, plus approximately $15,000 to $20,000 in expenses to maintain a cloud infrastructure. CUSP is the most cost effective ECIDS solution available.
If we already have an ECIDS, does it still make sense to consider CUSP? Yes! CUSP can either augment or replace an existing ECIDS. 3Si can conduct an initial assessment of your ECIDS and help determine if it makes sense to augment or replace an existing ECIDS with the CUSP.
How does CUSP relate to a State Longitudinal Education Data System (SLEDS)? CUSP and SLEDS can co-exist and should–at a minimum–share data to enhance the use and usefulness of both systems. 3Si can conduct an initial assessment and advise you on the best approach to align the CUSP with a SLEDS.
How does CUSP relate to a system like Salesforce? CUSP and systems like Salesforce are complementary. Salesforce is often used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to support ongoing operations, such as helping organizations manage the day-to-day management of early childhood programs. By contrast, CUSP helps organizations combine, integrate, and analyze data from a wide range of sources (including Salesforce). This function provides a more holistic picture of the opportunities, experiences, and outcomes for young children across jurisdictions, systems, and other areas of interest.
How does 3Si deliver and maintain the CUSP? 3Si either uploads CUSP into a state’s secure cloud environment or makes it available via the Internet. 3Si maintains and enhances the software. This means you no longer need to maintain hardware or software on premise.
I’m interested in CUSP. What are the next steps? Contact us to learn more about CUSP.