Harness data to create equitable access to early childhood services for families in your area.

The CUSP Analytics Library is a unified interface where users can search, build, and store analytics and visualizations. It includes 3Si’s standard analytical packages for comprehensive views of early childhood services, funding programs, (e.g., federal and state child care subsidies), access deserts, and gaps in availability of affordable early childhood services, particularly in socio-economically vulnerable areas. The CUSP Analytics Library empowers CUSP users to build learning communities and share key insights.

  • Leverage the comprehensive CUSP data model to inform decision-making and strategy.
  • Build a learning community through shared data analytics and insights.
  • Scales with your organization.

Analytics Library

Structured library of analyses and visualizations related to early childhood services and programs.

Dynamic Thumbnails

Easy to use, dynamic thumbnail views of library content.

Tagging System

Tag new visualizations for easy browsing and searching.

Usage Tracking

Tracks usage metrics.

Advanced Search

Users can search and browse based on topics, content type, author, and other key words.

Custom Visualizations

Users can create their own analyses and visualizations of CUSP data.

Collaborative Community

Build a community of users and creators who contribute and share analyses.

Analytical Packages

3Si standard analytical packages for comprehensive views of the reach of early childhood services programs.

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