3Si Knowledge Center

This quarter, we launched the 3Si Knowledge Center, an online portal for our comprehensive collection of CUSP documentation and resources, including methodology guides, CUSP SDK technical documentation, the CUSP data model, data dictionary, video tutorials, and other helpful resources–all in one place. The Knowledge Center is available to all 3Si clients and partners with a secure access token.

By consolidating and organizing all CUSP documentation and user guides in one place, the Knowledge Center makes it easy for users to learn about CUSP, what is contains, and how to use it. Secure access to the CUSP Knowledge Center is available from the 3Si website (under Support) and from the CUSP Analytics Library.
A view of the 3Si Knowledge Center, a central hub that includes documentation on 3Si’s methodology, data model, software development kit, research starter kit tutorial, and other resources.

  • Comprehensive collection of CUSP documentation and user resources, including an overview of the CUSP analytical methodology, technical documentation, the CUSP data model, data dictionary, training material, video tutorials, and more—all in one place.
  • Easily accessible online through the 3Si website (www.team3Si.com) and the CUSP Analytics Library.
  • User-friendly documentation on a range of analytical topics that lie at the heart of the CUSP methodology and approach as well as step-by-step technical documentation on the CUSP SDK and data model. The compelling use of graphics, illustrations, and other visual aids are specifically designed to enhance the user experience and make the CUSP documentation usable and useful for our clients and partners.
  • All content in the 3Si Knowledge Center is updated regularly to ensure that users have access to an up-to-date and ever-expanding knowledge base that evolves as CUSP evolves and grows.


  • Easy, one-stop access to CUSP documentation and knowledge resources for all 3Si clients.
  • Regular quarterly updates to documentation based on product updates, client input, and emerging best practices to ensure that CUSP documentation remains relevant and valuable.
  • Detailed descriptions of the CUSP analytical methodology ensures that clients have insight into the data, approaches, assumptions, and business rules that underlie CUSP data and analytical outputs.
  • In-depth technical documentation on the CUSP data model (databases, schemas, tables, and columns) and step-by-step guidance on how to install, configure, and run the CUSP SDK enhance transparency and foster collaboration with CUSP technical users.
  • User guides and video tutorials on the CUSP Research Starter Kit and other components ensures that end users have the onboarding, training, and support they need to use CUSP for data-driven program
    and policy development, analysis, and reporting.
  •  Authentication token ensures secure client access to our expansive repository of CUSP resources.