CUSP Analytics Library

With the CUSP Analytics Library, we are launching a single, unified, web-based content management system for all analytics, data outputs, and documentation related to CUSP–available all in one place, anytime, anywhere. The CUSP Analytics Library is designed to empower CUSP users to quickly and conveniently access CUSP outputs and tools such as the Research Starter Kit and all other analytics and dashboards based on CUSP data, share analyses and outputs easily, access the CUSP data model, find relevant documentation, and view data report cards and platform updates, all from a single, seamless, and intuitive user interface.

The Analytics Library organizes CUSP content and resources and offers convenient ways to view, search, browse, sort, and download, all while maintaining client data security. This front-end product will be deployed withing out clients’ secure cloud environments and is available only to CUSP users with the appropriate access credentials. We announced the general availability of this product on September 30th, 2023, and will begin rolling it out to our clients in their environment in the coming months.

A view of the CUSP Analytics Library that show comprehensive analytics which includes the Research Starter Kit, Service Reach & Gaps, Subsidy Analytics, CUSP Data Model, Resources, and Questions.

  • Centralized repository where CUSP users can organize, access and view CUSP data outputs, analytics, and resources.
  • One-click access to the CUSP Research Starter Kit and all ad hoc visualizations and data outputs based on the CUSP model, organized under relevant categories.
  • Convenient, user-friendly searching, browsing, and sorting functionality to allow users to effortlessly find the data and analytical content they need.
  • Easy, flexible download functionality for all content.
  • Rich content metadata that includes view counts, tags or keywords, author names, and publish dates.
  • Seamless support for all formats for data analyses and outputs, including visualizations and dashboards in Tableau and Power BI, Excel worksheets, Microsoft Word, PDF, or other formats.
  • Direct access to the CUSP data model with descriptions of all CUSP output tables and the data they contain to allow for ease of navigation and use.
  • Access to a library of frequently used SWL or Snowflake queries. No more starting from scratch–users can simply browse the list that we develop and maintain, find the query that suits their needs, tailor or customize it as needed, and execute it with a single click.
  • Centralized access to all other CUSP resources such as monthly data report cards and quarterly product updates and release notes.
  • One-click access to the CUSP Knowledge Center, 3Si’s online repository of technical, analytical, and end-user documentation related to CUSP data, methodology, and outputs, including data flow diagrams, technical and methodology documentation, data dictionary, user guides, training videos, etc.
Celebration banner announcing debut of CUSP Analytics Library


  • The CUSP Analytics Library transforms the way users access, organize, and interact with CUSP data and analytics. Superior content organization and management of all CUSP resources, all in one central location, means no more scattered files, reports, and tables.
  • Users can efficiently access, navigate, and find the CUSP content they need when they need it, with the CUSP analytics Library’s intuitive organization and user-friendly searching, browsing, and sorting capabilities.
  • Seamless support for multiple formats means that users no longer have to keep track of different CUSP content in different formats using different tools. The CUSP Analytics Library is compatible with any format that users and their organization’s use.
  • Single-click access to CUSP technical, methodology, and user documentation enhances transparency, user efficiency, and productivity.
  • Easy access to the CUSP data model and our library of frequently used queries allows users to save time and reduce the learning curve associated with complex data queries. The CUSP Analytics Library puts the power of well-crafter queries that have been fine-tuned for optimal performance directly in the hands of CUSP users so that they can focus on on what matters — analyzing their CUSP data.
  • The CUSP Analytics Library lives within our clients’ secure cloud environment, accessible only by authorized users. This means that clients’ CUSP data, analyses, and resources remain safe.
  • Compelling, well-designed user interface enhances user experience and ease with intuitive content layout and easy navigation.