Release: December 2023

New Features & Enhancements




CUSP Public (Alpha release)

We are excited to announce the alpha release of CUSP Public, 3Si’s first publicly available interactive data and visualization solution to explore, analyze, and download child population and demographic data for all states and counties in the United States.

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  • Reliable, rigorous, and innovative data product that combines Census data with 3Si’s advanced and proven data science and analytical methodology to democratize integrated population data for everyone to access, use, and analyze.
  • CUSP Public’s compelling, user-friendly, and well-structured dashboards address foundational questions related to population and eligibility analyses for every state and county in the country.
  • Pioneering source of data on populations eligible for subsidized child care services by major funding programs that reach the most children across the United States.
  • CUSP Public’s unique scenario analysis capability empowers users to view and analyze in a nuanced, fine-grained way—and with just a few clicks—the variable impact of adjustments in eligibility requirements on communities and the children who live in them.
  • Free data download capability makes detailed population data—for the whole country and for individual states—readily available in the form of zip files for users to access, use, and analyze anytime.
  • Our step-by-step documentation increases methodological transparency and learning and allows users to approach the data and their analysis of it in an informed way.

Enhanced flagging of imputed child data records

The CUSP data model includes both real and imputed (or synthetic) data. Which is why, for the purpose of transparency, auditability, and reliability of our data and analyses, we clearly flag data records that are imputed, even for children for whom actual data exists in state data systems.

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  • Greater transparency and auditability of child-level data, with full visibility into synthetic records for real children.
  • Retaining original records (including null and faulty records) alongside imputed records and clearly displaying which value the model used—original or imputed—provides full transparency on the decision rules employed in the model and the types of data quality issues that they address with imputed records.

Maintenance Updates

  • New functions in the CUSP SDK to improve consistency in the calculation of child age and assignment of age groups to served children, taking into account their dates of birth and data load date.
  • Improved population base methodology for single-year age assignment from aggregate ACS age categories, so that in all instances in which the total children in an ACS age category is not evenly divisible into single-year ages, CUSP randomly assigns the remainder to single-year ages using a uniform probability solution.