Shelly Balassyano Ragen

Shelly’s keen insight for analysis and problem-solving supports the work of 3Si Clients.

Shelly is passionate about using analytics to help improve her community. Before joining 3Si, Shelly worked as a Data Analyst at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations (IHME) where she contributed analysis and estimates to published papers on global violence. While there Shelly identified gaps in fatalities for migrants and police conflicts, and worked to improve estimates by finding new data sources and integrating them into their estimates. Throughout her work, Shelly developed skills in data visualization, data wrangling, and engineering, as well as a keen insight for analysis and problem-solving. Shelly is solution-oriented and enjoys finding meaningful gaps and spurring analysis to make a positive impact.

Shelly earned her B.S. in Economics and Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University.